Thanks for sharing your knowledge and wisdom regarding Energy Alignment. I enjoyed your classes- learned a lot and had fun while doing it. I am amazed at how quickly adjustments take place. I admit I was a skeptic but not anymore. - Marilyn W.

I noticed some changes after the session – wow. - AGL

We were 4hrs. away from home on a Friday night and Tamujin's neck was obviously seriously injured - he could not move his head which was locked in and extreme right position. He was silent but in dire pain. I feared his spine was injured and we were without veterinary resources. I called Sherry and asked for her help - not knowing if this kind of injury was within the scope of her skill/art. As she work on Tamujin, he settled down and went to sleep - his head jerking periodically. Within 20 minutes his head movement was Normal, and remains normal 10 months later. - Tamujin for R. Aronson

Thank you. I know that I have had a tremendous healing experience! I will see you again soon. - SL

Wow, what a blessing that was provided for me this evening… - CSP

The work Sherry has done with me has brought powerful, positive change to my being. Issues that I sought to resolve over decades of spiritual and psychological work without success have evaporated - they are simply gone. Her work is subtle - one does not necessarily "feel" or "see" anything but work it is and work it does. - R. Aronson

The calf was failing to thrive. His mother tried to get him up to nurse, but she finally gave up on him. The vet came and treated the calf and taught me to tube feed him. I was to tube feed him until he was able to take a bottle, then put him back on his mother. By day 3 he had improved; but he was still unable to effectively nurse. I was on the phone with Sherry one day as I was trying to get the calf to take the bottle. I had the bottle in my left hand, the phone in my right, and I was standing over him preventing his escape with my knees. I told Sherry, "He's trying. He just can't do it." After a few seconds, Sherry said, "His jaw is torqued." It was amazing to see and feel the immediate change in the calf as Sherry worked on him. Suddenly he started sucking (with gusto!) and he downed the entire 3 pints of milk! - and he never looked back. I gave him back to his mother the next day so she could resume her duties. Thank You, Sherry! - Theresa B.

Your work is truly amazing. I continue to feel lighter and better. - CM

Having been sick for going on five days from allergies and nothing I was doing was working to knock this out before my allergies developed into bronchitis, Sherry did a quick energy session with me. I began to feel relief immediately. As she scanned my energy field and identified various systems that were out of balance, I quickly understood the recent physical symptoms I was experiencing. With so many systems out of balance at once, my body was struggling to meet my daily needs. After a session with Sherry, I began to heal more readily. I encourage anyone to seek Sherry’s help; you won’t regret it! - Melissa Fairchild

April 09, 2009 Honored to Know: Sherry Dmytrewycz As many of you know, we've been experiencing a health crisis at our house this past week. The much-loved Benny ruptured his cruciate last Friday. Basically, this means that he ripped the tendon in his knee. Sherry As luck would have it, I was talking about Benny's cruciate on twitter, and Sherry Dmytrewycz contacted me. She and I have talked at length about energy work. This gal does a lot of different kinds of energy-related healing. I understand energy. As an intuitive animal communicator, I work with energy all of the time. I've seen reiki heal Benny before, and I've had reiki and theta healing for myself and one of my kids. For some reason, I've always thought of energy healing as more of a spiritual/emotional healing, and not so much a physical thing. Sherry offered to do a structural alignment on Benny. I've never taken Benny to a chiropractor before, and, I have to admit that his regular stance is wonky. His shoulder blades point up, and his body sinks down under them. It's like his tendons have too much stretch to them. Sherry worked on Benny for an hour or so, and then she called me to tell me that 9 of his vertebrae were out, and his wrist was out and his knee. He was a walking mess. She wanted to know how he was feeling now. Benny, at that moment, decided that he needed to go outside. I watched him walk across my living room like a different dog! Sure, his cruciate is still blown. But his back was nice and straight. His hind end wasn't hunched up, and his shoulders were in-line with his body. I asked Benny what it was like, and he said it felt like his vertebrae were on little rubber bands and they were being gently pulled and put in place. I asked him how he felt and he said he felt great! When you live with someone for their entire life, you don't notice how much they change. When I saw Benny walk across the room, it was like I was seeing him again when he was in his prime. I remembered how he and Hunni would race around our house and outside, so fleet and fast. I HIGHLY recommend Sherry for energetic alignment. She heals people too. Her website is http://www.healinggateway.com. - Bridget Pilloud- Animal Communicator

Sherry is not only a profound healer, but also a gifted teacher with the ability to make esoteric realities understandable. Her materials are organized, straight-forward, and clear; and the amount and depth of information in her Healing Alchemy class is phenomenal! I am so excited about what I learned and can't wait to start practicing it on myself and others. - MS

Thank you beyond the stars for your gifted insights, incredible wisdom, and stamina to help us find the truth of who we are in this life and how we can be our highest selves. Your kindness, assistance, patience and persistence has carved a new, open path for me to realize and bring forth and live in my highest self. What was a burden can now be an opening – a deeper understanding and acceptance of the truth of what I mean to myself and to this time I have been given to be here. I can banish fear and resistance everyday with the prayers and guidelines you have given me…I remain forever grateful for the gift you have given me – my self back to myself. - KM

When I had severe back pain, I immediately contacted Sherry for a distance healing. I could feel my vertebrae shifting as she worked on me. Within half an hour my discomfort was gone. Distance healing really works! - C. Montana