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Oh My Aching Back!

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Oh My Aching Back!

We often hear friends and family members moaning about various body aches and pain. Some are the result of using muscles that have not been used in a long time, or the pain is sending you a message that something may be wrong at the mentally, emotionally or spiritual level. Sometimes the pain in your aching back can also be a message that the body is out of alignment structurally.

Many of us are normally rather sedentary with long commutes, TV viewing time, and hours spent hunched over our computers. When the weather is nice we suddenly become more active and partake in activities where we end up overdoing it with work in the garden, exercise or sports activities. Did you know that anytime you lift a weight or place other demands on an off-center, misaligned body, you risk causing serious damage?

It was amazing to me when I begin to study the body to find out that there is a connection between misalignments in the spine and problems with the organs and glands in the body. Even more fascinating is the variety of emotional issues that are stored away in the spine, joints or elsewhere in the body.

A body that is in proper alignment has greater range of motion, flexibility, and is healthier with improved self-healing abilities. The flow of energy in the body is directly affected by your alignment. Did you know that it is even possible to be out of alignment whether or not you have back or joint pain? Most MRI scans show something out of alignment in nearly every body.

Energy Alignment uses energy to move muscles that help maintain the proper placement of the bones in the body. It helps put the body back into musculoskeletal realignment and also helps release emotional issues. Energy Alignment helps relieve and/or prevent pain, muscle stress and chronic back and joint issues. Regular Energy Alignment sessions have a cumulative effect, and over time you just keep feeling better and better.

Since the Energy Alignment is done hands-free, you don’t need an in-office session and can achieve the same results with a distance healing session. That means that you do not necessarily need to leave your home to experience relief.

When I had severe back pain, I immediately contacted Sherry for a distance healing. I could feel my vertebrae shifting as she worked on me. Within half an hour my discomfort was gone. Distance healing and Energy Alignment really works! – C. Montana

If you have always been curious about Energy Healing then scheduling an Energy Alignment is a good way to experience the benefits. Since structural alignment is related to how energy flows, aligning your spine will bring your whole body into balance and greater health.

Remember, too, that your pets can be out of alignment, and they are unable to tell you of their pains. By scheduling regular Energy Alignment sessions for yourself and your pet and you find that you both have greater range of motion and better health as you age.